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Of kids ages 10-15 have witnessed cyberbullying

of teens with tech access report being bullied online over past year

Facebook users are under 13

Of cyberbullied teens consider taking their own lives


Mysecurekid is a global movement created to educate, inspire and promote online safety awareness for parents, educators and children while building a talent pipeline designed to connect youth in underserved communities with meaningful IT career opportunities.

Our goal is to create a safe environment for children online, and fight against cyberbullying, human trafficking and adolescent suicide.

Mysecurekid puts the power of Internet technology into the hands of underserved children and youth while equipping them with the knowledge and tools they need to use the Internet safely. Based in Arlington, Virginia, our global 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization targets children, parents, and educators with a range of activities designed to promote online safety awareness while helping disadvantaged young people map and prepare for their future career success.

We work closely with public and private sector partners to create a pipeline of diverse talent ready for careers in science, technology, engineering, math, cybersecurity (STEAM- C), healthcare, and IT through workshops, mentoring, apprenticeships, scholarships, internships, and more. Our ultimate goal is to be a bridge builder, advocate, and guide as we prepare the next generation of technology pioneers to step up as leaders working for a safe and equitable world.

About Us

The Vision

Our vision to harness the power of education to reach underserved communities everywhere with equitable access to engaging IT training that opens doors of opportunity in IT, cybersecurity, healthcare and business.

The Story

The concept of Mysecurekid started in 2010 with our founder, Ms. Quiana Gainey.

Using her expertise in cybersecurity, she began to speak about cyber safety for kids to both kids and their parents at various events and workshops in the DMV area.

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We Have Moved!

We are excited to announce that we have moved to a new neighborhood!

The Nauck community is a roughly triangular area lying to the south of Columbia Pike and north of Shirlington, bound on South 16th Road to the north, Walter Reed Drive to the west, and Four Mile Run to the south, and it straddles Glebe Road to the East where the Army-Navy Country Club forms eastern extremity. It is recognized as one of Arlington County's oldest African American neighborhoods, tracing its existence to 1844 when Sarah and Levi Jones established their home. Over the years, many residents labored and contributed to its growth. Despite these obstacles, many of its residents persevered and fought for their right to experience a good life despite slavery and Jim Crow laws.

Our goal in moving into the neighborhood is to preserve and to live out the dreams of the pioneers of Nauck/Green Valley who created a bridge for the next generation.

MSK is Accepting Apprenticeship Applications for a 2021 Cohort!

MySecureKid is addressing the shortage of women and minorities in the IT space by offering an Apprentice program. This program is registered as an Apprentice USA Program with the US Department of Labor and is supported by the Workforce Commission.
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Our Founder


Quiana Gainey is a 20+ year IT & Cybersecurity industry veteran, and humanitarian, with a distinguished military record. Ms. Gainey has served as Chief Executive Officer and Director of SecureTech360, LLC, since its inception in 2010. Ms. Gainey has an extensive background in the IT industry, including information assurance, cyber-security research and development for emerging technologies for the Federal government. Ms. Gainey provides the overall strategic leadership for SecureTech360 while focusing on new business development. Ms. Gainey is a woman on a mission: to educate and empower.

By day, she is the CEO of SecureTech360, LLC. By night, her mission is to raise awareness through MySecureKid, and include the communities who are too often left out of the conversation around technology. Ms. Gainey has an MBA in Human Resource Management, a BS in Information Technology Management and currently pursuing a PhD in Business and Information Technology with a concentration in Cybersecurity.


We are able to do more of this important community work with your contributions. Thank You!

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