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    We Have Moved!

    We are excited to announce that we have moved to a new neighborhood!

    The Nauck community is a roughly triangular area lying to the south of Columbia Pike and north of Shirlington, bound on South 16th Road to the north, Walter Reed Drive to the west, and Four Mile Run to the south, and it straddles Glebe Road to the East where the Army-Navy Country Club forms eastern extremity. It is recognized as one of Arlington County's oldest African American neighborhoods, tracing its existence to 1844 when Sarah and Levi Jones established their home. Over the years, many residents labored and contributed to its growth. Despite these obstacles, many of its residents persevered and fought for their right to experience a good life despite slavery and Jim Crow laws.

    Our goal in moving into the neighborhood is to preserve and to live out the dreams of the pioneers of Nauck/Green Valley who created a bridge for the next generation.

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    2221 South Kenmore Street
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    Phone: 571-970-0442