Cyber ID & Footprint

It is never too soon to  start discussing the impact of  what your child or student does online , which can last now and far into the future. Their digital footprint, similar to an evidence trail that kids are leaving all over the web, are not usually the top of their concern or awareness. As young people, the idea of the future can sometimes seem so far off into the future, that they don't see a connection between what they do now and the consequences of those actions that are not immediate. The truth is that what they are doing online will outlive their childhoods, teendom, and college years and can negatively affect their reputations.

The general rule of thumb here is... If you don't want it online forever, don't post it!

Once something is posted online, it will stay online.

So have your child always think twice before they post, comment, upload, and share.

Be Aware of Your Cyber Footprint

Even after you've removed something, it may have already been saved, shared, sold, or archived.

  • Thousands of companies and websites are tracking and cataloging  your online activities and data across the web, and often selling this data for profit.
  • Websites and servers across the web are constant backing up and archiving, or saving, webpages.
  • People can screenshot  even temporary posting apps, like snapchat

Manage Your Online Reputation

Make your child aware of their online footprint and reputation, the way they appear to others online, and it's importance.

  • Urge students to be mindful of what they or their friends record and photograph of them with digital devices
  • Help them evaluate what they should upload, post, and share.
  • Teach them to set boundaries on what information or images friends should upload, share or tag them in
  • Help them monitor and remove artifacts such as photos, videos, comments that may have a negative impact
  • Help them protect their financial and social identities, from those who will tarnish it for their own gain.