Take the Pledge

Cyber bullying is when someone is threatened, harassed and humiliated by someone on the Internet or with other forms of technology such as cell phones or video games systems. The results can cause the victim a lot of pain and agony. So, if you see something you have to take a stand and say something. Everyone should feel safe and secure on the Internet regardless of race, national origin, sexual orientation, personal differences, popularity or religion. Join me as we take a stand against cyber bullying and take the pledge to make the Internet a NO CYBERBULLYING ZONE!

By signing the pledge I agree to report or stop cyber bullying

I Pledge

To testify that cyber bullying is a crime and If I see it with my eyes I pledge allegiance to save a life.

Beginning Right Now

I will do my part to help put an end to Cyber bullying by committing to report all incidents of cyber bullying to someone I trust immediately.

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