The Importance of Virtual Learning and Cybersecurity for Every Child

We’re living in unprecedented times, with many children having to shift to remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Today, we’ll look at why putting the power of internet technology into the hands of every child is so important – and how to protect them in the virtual learning environment.

Virtual Learning – A Necessity for All Children  

The fact that we can teach our children via the internet is a blessing. They still have access to their teachers and the curriculum set out by their school districts.
Unfortunately, many disadvantaged children lack the basic supplies needed to engage in remote learning. In fact, numerous reports show that there’s a great divide in resources, making learning during this pandemic anything but universal.
Some kids don’t have affordable internet access, while others don’t have computers and are trying to connect to Zoom and do their schoolwork from their phones. Without the proper resources, these kids won’t be able to keep up academically with their peers.
Thankfully, schools, cities, and generous individuals are stepping up to help, something that is needed desperately.

Cybersecurity Tips for Homeschooling Our Kids

Cybersecurity should be a top priority, with everyone stepping up to help kids navigate the internet safely.  

To our kids, the internet is a place where they can access an abundance of knowledge, play games, and connect with their friends. However, they need to know that it can be a dangerous place, too.

At, our goal is to help parents and educators protect children from cyberbullying, identity theft, and online predators.

We can all help protect our kids by:

  • Warning them of the flaws/dangers of the internet
  • Teaching them that the same rules that apply outside the home in the physical word (don’t talk to strangers, don’t take candy from strangers, etc.) apply to the internet as well (don’t accept friend requests from people you don’t know)
  • Showing teens how the internet has been used against people their age and that what they post – even if it’s shared privately – could be accessed by anyone

Remote Learning Can Be an Enjoyable and Safe Experience

Virtual learning has allowed us to avoid putting our kids’ education on hold. Plus, spending time learning online with their friends and classmates can be a fun experience. To keep things that way, act now to keep your kids safe. Educate them and make sure you have measures in place to keep your cybersecurity up to date and in good working order.Want more tips to help keep your children safe while online? Check out our resources and education pages, where you’ll find the 10 Rules of Cyber Safety and more.

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